The lightest in the world clock

The lightest in the world clock


South Korea’s Telson Electronics has recently become famous for the fact that I did the easiest watches in the world. Prior to this momentous event, many probably never heard of the existence of such a company, but now the number of fans of this producer has increased dramatically. In addition, the lightest in the world of watches have also lots of different functions, as well as the presence of a clock embedded mobile phone. But first things first.

So, the most interesting is that developers have managed to make a watch with a weight of 100 grams. The model is called Telson TWC 1150 and it is so light that a man wearing a watch, almost does not feel them. In addition to the built-in mobile phone watches have also feature voice control, and identification of its owner. Everything else, in the hours is a digital camera. Of course, its resolution is far from ideal and the pictures are not very good quality, however, given the size of the device, then this fact can only admire. Matrix resolution built-in camera is only 0.33 megapixels. Watches also have an electronic display. The display is made at a high level and can display up to 256 different colors and shades at a time. Thus, by analyzing all of the above, we can confidently say that the clock Telson TWC 1150 – a high-tech model of a wristwatch, which will certainly find its buyer. In modern society it is difficult to surprise people, because all people have long been used to set a variety of new products, however, the clock of Telson Electronics – a truly “magic” that engineers and designers from the South Korean company was able to realize.

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