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German watch company Botta-Design, founded in 1986, specializes in the production of original models of watches, which are distinguished by a clear and expressive aesthetics, elegance and genuine neat silhouette.

Very light and very flat – these qualities distinguish the clock Helios from Botta-Design and make them extremely comfortable to wear. The visible part of the watch Helios is exactly the same flat as a coin; worth one Euro (2, 4 mm).The total height of the clock is 4.9 mm. In addition, Helios is striking in its first-class treatment.

Corps of hours divided into three parts and is connected with screws in eight places, making this possible and limit subtlety. Since the watch is completely made of stable and thus very lightweight titanium, it weighs only 28 grams. Flat sapphire glass specially protected against scratches and cracks.

Hours Helios has received five awards * in design, and participate in the exhibition design, art and architecture in Chicago Athenaeum.

Helios is completely manufactured in Germany.

Hours Helios, waterproof at up to 3 bar.

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