The company will release Equipe hours specially for the premiere of CARS 2. Hourly Equipe company has been selected for production

company will release Equipe hours


Hourly Equipe company has been selected for production of 50 watches for the premiere of the animated film co-company Disney and PIXAR – CARS 2. The design team chose the model PIXAR Balljoint watch because of the unique design of the bezel, which rotates 360 degrees.

By the way, many watch companies use to advertise the movie world of his watch. For example, the famous Omega “starred” in the James Bond film, Rolex in “Rain Man,” “Kill Bill 2”. The list could go on and on.

Hours “Equipe” – the embodiment of innovation and bold elegance. The basis of “Equipe” Japanese quartz movements are Miyota / Citizen. History of the company began in Detroit and soon became famous clock in the global watch market.

Products “Equipe” inspired by cars. These watches are for those who are so passionate about cars, he wants the object of his passion was also on his wrist. Therefore, each model “Equipe” recalls some of the car. For example, the model “Big Block E406” of the line “Gasket” Recalls master cylinder Mustang. Some clocks “Equipe” fitted even drive, much like cars.

Hours “Equipe” presented collections Balljoint, Big Block, Bumper, Chassis, Dash, Dash Xxl, Gasket, Grille, Headlight, Hemi, Hub ,Octane , Paddle , Rollbar ,Spring.

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