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Spy ClockSpy Clock


As a child, perhaps, almost every child dreamed of becoming a spy. Little boys dream of being the 007, and all the girls dreamed of being a girlfriend of the agent 007, but “unfortunately” and “ah” spy gadgets such as the characters in the film about the agents in our childhood was not and we had only dreamed about spy gadgets.

Now our children are lucky so much more. Modern man is no longer surprised clock with lasers, telephones, video cameras. Today’s watches are equipped with various headsets for communication and “espionage”. Here, for example, has recently appeared wristwatch camera, but unfortunately, the resolution of shooting with this camera is not great, only 640×480 pixels. And in our new models of watches under the name «Watch with HD Camera CCTV / Stills + sound» it is possible to shoot very quietly and, with the best HD-like quality that allows you to capture images at resolutions up to 1280×960 pixels and take pictures with a resolution 3264h2448 pixels. And the same two-megapixel camera allows you to capture images at up to 30 frames per second. All videos and photos stored on the built-in memory size to 2 GB of memory is enough to keep shooting for one to one and a half hours of continuous shooting. And with the USB cable you can all the filmed footage to move to a PC or laptop. But that’s not all, stylish and very rugged wrist spyware hours “Watch with HD Camera CCTV / Stills + sound” mechanism protects them from external factors, and even from the ingress of water. The price of such a truly magical her watch will be about 340 euro, you will agree is far from child’s toy and the price of this watch, too, not children, but we are all children at heart and too adult “children” will be able to afford such a toy.

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