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To present its new wristwatch discerning buyer in London famous watch brand ROMAIN JEROME again chose Selfridges trading house, which already represented his high-profile model Titanic DNA, Moon DNA. Shopping center with a century of experience was truly a place where luxury affects its abundance and splendor.

Devoted to his explosive creative nature, this child of the third millennium, ROMAIN JEROME creates a watch characterized by perfect yellow stripes. The minimalist style of design and impeccably clean black hue echoes the hours of colors and style of a British shopping center. On the back cover is engraved map of London, and the exact location of the shopping center where you can buy this limited edition model of the line recorded a bright yellow spot.

Air, land, water and fire: ROMAIN JEROME proposes to use imagination, all the primordial energy of those individuals who are capable of unimaginable in their dreams to touch the stars. Born at the dawn of the third millennium, the brand ROMAIN JEROME based on specific design elements for the powerful new time clock era.

Does the clock of rusty steel Titanic steel, or the Space Shuttle Apollo 11 lunar silver mixed with dust, or molds of volcanic lava – is felt in every iconoclastic spirit of the brand, which celebrates the birth of the legends of our time. The thirst for adventure, all-conquering spirit of the avant-garde and far-reaching vision embodied in the visual model series of collections Titanic DNA, Moon DNA. These three “peace” expand the horizons of opportunities through purely masculine and modern accents.

Collection watches from ROMAIN JEROME – not just an amazing model of wrist mechanisms. The uniqueness of the materials from hours ROMAIN JEROME, extracted from the ocean depths, vast expanses of space, out of incandescent lava and centuries-old mineral recovery, a new era in watchmaking.

Offering everyone the opportunity to explore new dimensions in the world of fairy tales and dreams, they also reflect the current value of time: a sense of identity, need for speed and exciting aura of masculinity.

Air, land, water and fire: the choice of the element depends on you – that you choose and how to fill the content of his dream and his own vision of time.

Exclusive Selfridges DNA released in limited quantity in 9 instances. Hours are based on a mechanical mechanism RJ002-A1 Automatic. High precision machinery for 23 precious stones makes 28 800 pc / h and has 42 hour power reserve.

The sides of the shell diameter of 46 mm made of satin-polished to a surface coated with PVD-coated black stainless steel. Bezel is made of black ceramic with a matte surface. Fixing the two parts case “palms” are also made of black ceramic and titanium screws are screwed. The crown is a combination of steel and rubber.

Designed is a minimalist style dial model made of Rock Mountains, Monaco / East Rock / extracted February 10, 2011 a geologist and supervisor of Prince Albert II Foundation Mondielli Philip, who was accompanied by President of the Association of Monaco to fight muscular dystrophy. Two yellow lines, which represent the width of the label and longitude, the precise geographic location transfer of Monaco.

The dial features hour and minute indicators, and the disc with a small second hand is located at position 9 hours. Water-resistant model is equal to 3 ATM.

Black strap with folded edges Alcantara flashed yellow stitching, pointing to the continuity of the line.

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