Rarities.The auction house Antiquorum SA was founded in 1974 in Geneva



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The auction house Antiquorum SA was founded in 1974 in Geneva, twenty years later in New York appeared his U.S. subsidiary – Antiquorum USA, Inc.

At Antiquorum auction exhibited antique and rare watches, tools and jewelry, “fight” for the wealthy collectors who come from all over the world. For example, the total price of sold lots in 2002 amounted to no less than $ 103.4 million (of this amount, by the way, $ 4,026,524 had been paid for the most expensive in the world watches – Patek Philippe Platinum 1939 release).

Antiquorum auctions are held in different cities on different continents. One of the last was held in Geneva hotel “Noga Hilton” 11-12 October 2003. As the result there were several absolute record price, giving a visual representation of the extent of private-hour collections.

During the October weekend in the “Noga Hilton” has sold 580 lots. For them was paid nearly twenty million (19,489,993, to be exact), exactly 28% more than the stated initial sum. We chose seven “record” of items, the cost of which will henceforth be guided all the regulars Antiquorum and those who only seeks to enter into their precious circle.

Men’s Chronograph Vacheron Constantin with rounded buttons

18-karat yellow gold. 1955.

According to archival records, Vacheron Constantin, ten of these models were released in 1954 and ten more – over the next decade. To date, there is evidence of several gold chronographs of this series and two platinum, collected in 1990.

The final price of $ 137,023 identified them as the most expensive model of the Vacheron Constantin chronograph with rounded buttons.

Super-male watches Vacheron Constantin with the minute repeater. Platinum. 1955

These hours (3.1 mm thick; together with glass – 5,8 mm) was produced only ten pieces: eight in yellow gold, some of them – in pink and one – in platinum. The uniqueness of this lot is obvious. Specialists are unanimous in recognizing the clock one of the most elegant and stylish models with minute repeater, belonging to the middle of XX century. Connoisseurs It cost $ 506,489.

Watch “Nightingale family in a cage”

Roche made the brothers (Freres Rochat). Geneva. Ca. 1814. (Probably on the order of a Russian aristocrat.). Gold, enamel, inlaid with diamonds.

Usually, the master clock cells are placed into one of the birds singing. Here, in addition to a nightingale-mom (or dad – everyone is free to assume its own way) in the “nest” sit and little chicks. Birds’ beaks open, move their tails, wings and emit nightingale warbling quite as lively. Best known instance of two such, one of them was sold at auction Antiquiorum Patek Philippe Museum in 1993.

“Nightingale family” in a golden cage went for $ 1,430 in January 1953 – more expensive birds, mankind did not know!

Men’s watch “8 Day”. Patek Philippe & Cie. 1931

Case: platinum, gold. Were sold in San Francisco in 1933. On the back of the inscription “Dr. William P. Kroger, Los Angeles”.

These hours in two-tone platinum and gold casing interesting and mysterious story. It turned out that this model has a “twin brother, also sold in America in the early 1930’s. Both watches were exhibited in his time at the auction auktsionnnogo House Sotheby’s in New York (1985 and 1987), and in both cases, there is inconsistency room buildings and machinery. But because both the mechanisms and enclosures were clearly original, the experts concluded that the American dealer Patek Philippe for some unknown reason, dismantled two plotting model “8 Day” and changed the arrangements in some places.

Mysterious “Biography” hour has turned into the most expensive in the world model “8 Day” with a price tag of $ 674,427.

“Vest” Chronometer

Patek Philippe & Cie. 1885. 18-karat gold, diamonds, enamel. Sold complete with relevant archival documents. Made specially for the Swedish King Oscar II.

Cover is covered with blue enamel, the royal monogram “OS” paved with diamonds. With a starting price of $ 14 000-21 000 timepiece sold for $ 103,435 dollars and became the most expensive instance in the category of ordinary gift clock.

A set of sophisticated pocket watches

Breitling. 2003. Issued by 1 00-year anniversary of aviation. Case: 18-karat yellow gold. Wooden case made in the shape of the wing biplane.
Kit contains four chronometers, which differ from each other certain features.

The first and the second model – is an astronomical clock with alarm, minute repeater, perpetual calendar and a calendar of lunar phases. The difference – the caliber of mechanisms (339 and 319) and the presence of different regulators sound the alarm and repeater. One model is a button located above the mark “XII”, the other – moving head of the figure “PI”.

The third and fourth models are equipped with functions minute repeater, perpetual calendar and moon phases calendar. The difference is again in passes (237 and 206), form the arrangement of volume control and no function in the mechanism CHRONOGRAPH Caliber 206.
Transparent rear of the enclosure of these timepieces can observe the work of an ordered chaos, gears, caps adorned with commemorative medallions from 22-karat gold with the image of a biplane the Wright brothers.

“The box of jewels” was the most costly workmanship, created in the history of Breitling company’s existence. Sold for $ 770,992.

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