Quartz: to be or not to be?. Quartz Watches still accounted for 90% of Swiss production.



Quartz Watches still accounted for 90% of Swiss production. Quartz watches have become the key to success for many brands of luxury. Many famous brands have in their collections quartz model. By the way, some of the watch companies do not like to talk about how they use quartz movement and are making some tweaks: do not show on the dial quartz ‘ownership’ of hours. It is also curious that some of the leading brands in the watch industry remain in their collections quartz model. A good example – Patek Philippe. This company is the author of significant technical know-how in the watch industry, but continues to issue a quartz clock. At present, profits from the sale of brand quartz watch is more than 20%.

Company Girard-Perregaux also neglects quartz. “Ladies appreciate the practicality and convenience of a quartz clock, so in our arsenal is always a quartz model” – the director of marketing at Xavier Girard-Perregaux Markle. Naturally, the approach in solving the “quartz question” from different companies are different. “Only a small contingent of buyers prefer to watch solely for the mechanism. In this sense, the mechanical and quartz watches are not competitors. They just compliment each other. Quartz is a significant part of the history of watchmaking, the Girard-Perregaux which plays an important role. This company has created a standard rate of 32,768 Hz for a quartz watch in 1971 “- emphasizes Xavier Markle.

The price for Quartz watches luxury equals the price of middle-class mechanical watches. It is within the range of 6000 to 15.000 euros. In other words, the choice of hours often is caused by economic reasons, but simply a rational choice.

For brands category average quartz will remain the basis of their business model, in turn leading watch market leaders can easily do without them. Nevertheless, the quartz will remain a key factor in the success of Swiss watch industry. Volume of production is 90%. On mechanical watches account for the remaining 10% … 52% of total profits.

Currently, analysts predict the market time a significant increase in the segment of women’s mechanical watches. Women have increasingly preferred to mechanical models. This is a rather interesting turn of events in the history chasodeliya. Until now, the quartz existed through the choice of women.

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