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Pocket watches from Vacheron Constantin set all-time record at auction Christie. June 15, 2011 at Christie’s auction for incredibly high amount of 1.8 million dollars, three times the initial price, were sold supercomplex pocket watch from 20-karat gold brand Vacheron Constantin. Hours were in the collection known collector James Ward Packard.

The auction, conducted by Christie’s in New York, once again confirmed the interest from international collectors. During the auction, in which participants from around the world were interested in models for sale in Swiss company Vacheron Constantin. The absolute record set a pocket watch made specifically for James Ward Packard (1863 – 1928) – the famous American automobile manufacturer and a passionate admirer of masterpieces of watchmaking. He was one of the first American collectors, who worked directly with Swiss producers and ordered the exclusive watch models.

The indisputable star of the auction among the models was from the Vacheron Constantin pocket watch from 20-karat gold. Indeed, 1.8 million dollars have been unusual, but well-deserved price for such exceptional hours. In addition to the function display hours, minutes and seconds that are protected by rock crystal, a model characterized by a combination of complications hour and minute repeater, repeater and polchetverti quarter, big and small second hand, and a 30-minute counter chronograph.

On the cover of hours, the enamel blue engraved monogram JWP, a sketch which has made his own James Ward Packard. By folding the back cover is engraved, telling about the manufacturer and date of creation pm – 1918.

Since these luxury watches were kept in a bank, where they remained untouched for the past 60 years, now they are in perfect condition.

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