Opening with a butterfly. For the first time looking at the device, it is difficult to think that this watch.

Opening with a butterfly


For the first time looking at the device, it is difficult to think that this watch. It seems that this is just a round disk on which sat a butterfly. All the more so minute and hour hands on it is not clear. But the one who has learned to use these hours, the shooter is not necessary, although you still need to learn – after all, no arrows, no numerals on the clock no. The main role played by the butterfly, which changes position every hour, that is, acts as the hour hand.

Opening with a butterfly
The exact time for these hours you hardly know, but as a decorative ornament they are very suitable. Especially because every hour is published different smell – it will not only learn the ropes in time, but also make the interior more interesting, by the way, those whose feelings are associated with more odor, can distinguish between time on this clock with a butterfly even better than dial. Also watch for the mysterious interior fit, where interesting moment of surprise. Who does not want to, when his guests come, and sit for several hours at his home, and then ask – what kind of butterfly, say – and this is the same clock, you have not noticed? As always, the authors of the interesting ideas are the Japanese. Designer and the designer watches is a young engineer, – Hun Choi, who is known for many other interesting projects similar to this clock with a butterfly. Since all fit their smells, then you can buy a watch in several colors. There are hours of red, black, pink, white or of many other colors. You can also choose the form of clock – square or oval, that someone more to their liking. The smell can be customized according to your choice. If you are allergic to certain smells, you can not use them. Prices for an original novelty has not yet been published, but it is expected that the special cost of living would not – about $ 20 and you have a great gift or decorative item for your own home.

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