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Only WatchOnly Watch
Only Watch 2011: MB & F HM4


Every two years, luxury watches are on the field to aid in research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy: Only Watch 2011 will present lots of his charity auction a special MB & F HM4 Thunderbolt panda with a steering wheel attached to the reactor via two thin wires.

This work is a collaboration between Maximilian Busser and Friends, Chinese artist Huang Hankang who lives in Paris. As was the case for the ‘ Only Watch 2009 HM2 , even in this new model unique appeal to children and their world of dreams and fantasies is very strong, as if to remind that certain misfortunes – especially those who have just come into the world – should never happen.

MB & F watches, there is often a point of carefree childhood and his well-deserved: Maximilian Busser founder of the brand, has always made Horological Machines in its entirety and moments that recall the time he lived as a Grendizer (UFO Robot – Grendizer) and passion for the model of airplane, which is a transposition in HM4 Haute Horlogerie watches. When Max Huang proposed to work together for the Only Watch 2011 project, the artist accepted and honored, looking HM4 Thunderbolt, now thought to include a panda as a steering wheel, a recurring subject in his paintings. MB & F has changed the watercolor Huang placing the watch in creating cute animal, made of solid gold, the top of the fuselage of the timepieces by giving the impression of driving through two reins with gold thread interwoven.

The panda was obtained from a block in white gold with a technique called “lost wax”. Hankang Huang said: “I received the assignment that MB & F gave me as an art rather than watch, because it comes from the imagination more free, just like my painting.”

Only WatchOnly Watch
Huang Hankang and Maximilian Busser

Who will win in the auction Only Watch 2011 September 22 next HM4 this “heart of gold” will also receive the original painting signed by the artist.

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