One step ahead.A year ago when Edox presented their new models

One step ahead


A year ago when Edox presented their new models, many were surprised. Large, square, combining rose gold and black steel watch too sharply contrasted with the traditional assortment of brands, the tone of which up to this subtle asked Les Bemonts. But even more impressed by the price. Mark drastically moved far beyond its usual range. Models with a diamond collection watches in style supercar Koenigsegg. five-minute repeater identified new prospects and direction of motion of the brand. Prices for regular models were also significantly higher than usual level, and spread in the range of 1000-4000 dollars. “Will take if their customers?” – Guessing some shopkeepers, ostorozhnichaya with orders.

To the surprise of skeptics, the buyer received the news. More than that. The Basel exhibition in 2008 showed: the company anticipated the trend in watch mode. This year each booth can be found followers Edox: large square or round watches with cases of complex structures, made of pink gold with splashes of black and titanium PVD. Sales results worldwide and in Russia in particular demonstrate that the new models have been highly appreciated by consumers. According to the distributor’s brand of “Optim. Today almost 40% of sales comes from new lines: the original Class Royale. Sport Class 1 and C1.


The old icon of the brand. Les Bemonts. which until recently was the chief pride Edox. remains a popular and gives a significant share of turnover. This is in every sense of the refined collection features a quartz movement with thickness of 1.6 mm. which are designed by Edox. Among other collections, it still ranks first in sales, despite the fact that in the last year of promotional activity was focused on the latest news.

But Class Royale successfully constricts her not only with windows, but in the minds of buyers. Even today, the collection became the new face of Edox. model with which the brand is associated in the minds of millions of people. Such success – a bright, catchy appearance: a large square building, the divergent rays from the center of the color pink gold or steel. importantly, the actual mix of black trim and gold plating. The collection of many hours with trendy rubber strap, but our customers are to them is not yet fully accustomed to, so you can order a model with a familiar skin.

Having won the hearts of customers most receptive to innovations in this year’s Edox seeks to expand the number of customers Class Royale. This is possible in the presence of two components – an active campaign and expanding the range of the collection. Therefore, in the Class Royale appeared not only mechanical, but also affordable quartz model. For connoisseurs of sophisticated mechanics are chronographs and regulators, including the Class Royale 5 Minute Repeater with a custom module repeater.

One step ahead
Point Break

The growing popularity of sports watches Edox last year responded with its usual brand of originality, becoming the first watch brand, which has concluded a contract with the organizers of the competitions in the world’s most high-speed vessels – Class-1. The level of technological development Class-1 is not inferior to “Formula 1”, and even surpasses it. And with the growing popularity of various water sports can confidently say that Edox. as always, made the right choice. And the firm is not simply placed on board the Edox logo superlodok: the company has provided a system of timing events, based on a system of GPS. becoming taymkiperom races.

In summer 2008, distributor Edox company “Optima” and owners of Russian shops, working with the brand, are preparing for an advertising “assault”, after the Grand Prix Class-1 will be held in Moscow in July. At the same time in Russia have to bring new models and sport collections that were shown in Basel. It is durable and lightweight clocks Class 1 Limited Edition and Regulator Automatic with water resistance of 500-1500 meters.

At the last exhibition of the Swiss Edox a surprise to the ladies. This is a brand new women’s collection Edox Royal Lady, whose motto was the phrase “Love wins everything.” Latin version of this inscription (Omina Vincit Amor) is engraved on the back of the clock. Gold or bronze bezel of the watch is decorated with 80 diamonds, and 20 more sparkle on an elegant brown dial with a pearly sheen. This is not just another women’s fashion watch, chronograph, which note the time up to a few tenths of a second. For Edox Royal Lady was chosen as a major case, today is especially popular among European buyers.

Royal Lady Limited Edition – a wonderful gift to a beloved woman. Thought even hours box, which enclosed a postcard with a poem: “I remember a wonderful moment …». While in Russia will bring only five hundred copies issued, and with leather, and rubber thongs, as well as models of Class Royale.

Have grown over the past year sales Edox confirmed the correctness of the chosen strategy. In the future, priority will be given to novelties, and some older models do not fit into the new concept, out of production. According to plans of the distributor, the range Edox in the Russian market will be presented in equal parts classical, sport and technologically advanced models, with an average price range of 25-130 thousand.

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