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On The Way To The Top  On The Way To The Top


The company first appeared in 1902, the efforts of Paul Arthur Schwartz and his wife, Olga, Etienne and initially specialized in manufacturing of precision instruments and small batches of hours for special orders. Gauges Schwarz-Etienne enjoyed good demand mainly from French champions chronometric precision, but after the Second World War, gained wide popularity. Mechanics Schwarz Etienne, brendovannaya Venus, Levrette, Glorys, Alpha, and Astin, victoriously marched across Europe – from the Vatican to the Soviet Union, where penetrated the inner sanctum of the CPSU Central Committee, to be exact – on the wrist of the Brezhnev era. Top model of Venus with the stuffing,Schwarz Etienne, inspired by the unfading as the Venus de Milo, was considered an essential attribute of a beautiful life and business success, and the slogan, Venus – watch for the stars, the star of hours, “European celebrities seen as the absolute truth.

Rich industrial experience and high qualification of masters allowed Schwarz Etienne maintain a decent level of sales, even during the oil crisis and the dominance of quartz, when many respected today, manufacturers could not withstand pressure from the eastern competitors and falling asleep “until better times. Surprisingly, since its inception and still Schwarz Etienne single day did not stop production. In the most difficult years the company continued to regularly supply the mechanics of his regular customers in the face of Dunhill (exclusive provider of a Schwarz Etienne has been for 25 years), Jaguar, Mauboussin, Chanel, Coventry …

On The Way To The Top  On The Way To The Top
In 1992, the guardians of ancestral heritage of the family decided to create on the basis of already existing facilities manufacture a full production cycle and a wide range of collectible. Developed a corporate logo of two words, and the engineers and designers on a tight schedule provided the leadership the new developments – in particular, the “home” the caliber of a split-second hand. The experience of the first sales allowed to hope for a speedy success of the restructured company, but the years of stagnation in the market and a sharp drop in the luxury goods “that followed the events of September 2001, have left their mark, and the way to the hearts of consumers was not as short as planned. It turned out that in the modern world in a globalizing world is not enough to produce luxury watches with complex mechanisms, but must also be pretty invested in advertising and marketing, to which former owners, the watchmakers were not ready because of the narrow professional specialization. In some ways, the history of stamps Schwarz Etienne is similar to the history of the Zenith, which, being a full-fledged textiles, to a change of ownership has long remained in oblivion. As a result, 11 years later the brand Schwarz Etienne was purchased now from La Chaux-de-Background C. Wilhelm & Cie, thus received a residence permit in one of the most dynamically developing regions of the world watch. A change of scenery provided the company a truly life-giving effect! As a consequence – in the list produced by complications, along with reserve indicator GMT appear perpetual calendars and tourbillon, along with stainless steel models available versions of yellow, red and gray corporate gold-rich jewelry designs. Schwarz Etienne seeks to maximize autonomy and expects to have two years to move to full self-sufficiency without the involvement of related suppliers.

To date, the company Schwarz Etienne owns six small factories in La Chaux-de-Fonds with a clear division of responsibilities: some produce details of mechanisms, dials and cases for the branded models, as well as hours of other world famous brands, others directly involved in assembling and testing the finished hours Schwarz Etienne. In June 2008 the planned relocation of all factories under one roof and their integration into the complex manufacture. The next step will be to increase range of mechanisms for its own production, which is now completed about 40% produced hours, and the final formation of manufactory Schwarz Etienne with a closed cycle. This is a very difficult task that requires enormous investment and human resources, but with the right approach is quite doable.

Today the company is represented in nine countries: in 2007, were strengthened position in Germany, Italy and Switzerland, as well as open retail outlets in Russia and Ukraine. This year is actively working to find partners in the U.S., Japan, Britain and the Latin American market.

At this point in the creative arsenal Schwarz Etienne, there are six collections for every taste, with a comprehensive set of features, complications, and design refinements.

Luxurious La Chaux-de-Fonds, named after the capital of the Jurassic Swiss watchmaking, has incorporated the most spectacular developments: tourbillon, perpetual calendar, skeletonirovannye mechanisms.

Stylish London in buildings tonneau shape embodies British watchmaking tradition.

Tourbillon Millenium moves to the rhythm of one revolution per minute. To maintain its center of gravity in the center of the carriage, the creators of hours developed a completely new system of adjustment. Balance is provided by a different number (but not more than three) of the centrifugal loads of gold or nickel silver (lighter material) on each of the three pillars of the carriage.

Octopus. Named for its shape, the octopus – is a multifunctional Tentacle spring which acts on three different elements of the mechanism: the handle, a lever and a dog.

Classical Roma is always a combination of current round and the functional content in the form of various “useful” complications.
Harmonious New York in a square appearance, reminiscent of the romantic epohear deco.
Olympia Sports consists of a chronograph in the ultramodern design.

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