New women’s watches Vostok-Europe.Company Vostok-Europe has released a new women’s

New women's watches


Company Vostok-Europe has released a new women’s wrist watches N1-Rocket with interchangeable colored straps, bright colors, which can easily disguise without using any special tools.

However, the main feature of the new women’s collection is not even a variety of colors and unique automatic YT57 based on silica with 6 stones, but not receiving food from a battery, and energy from the movement of the hand. This is not a self-winding, and a better system ASG, developed on the basis of Japanese quartz movement by Time Module.

Packed with an unusual mechanism in a steel 40-millimeter shell with 48 crystals Swarovski, adorning the bezel around the pearl dial.

Each watch is packaged in a red lacquered box, equipped with three interchangeable straps.

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