New time and style.In 2004, the owners of Time Avenue wife May

New time and style


In 2004, the owners of Time Avenue wife May – Cecile and Jean-Daniel – have decided to expand production and purchased the rights to “sleep” brand Marvin. This brand caught their big bright history (hours Marvin issued since 1850). And also that. These watches have always been excellent quality, interesting arrangements, subtle style and sense of humor, that is all that is so prized in our day.

At the time, Marvin was called “a great little brand” because it produces the most interesting, original hours and has always sought by all means to stay independent. So in any case was not until the company was called Didisheim Freres in honor of brothers Mark and Emmanuel Didishaimov, who founded it in 1850 in Saint-Imier. At the beginning of XX century clock Didisheim Freres so loved the American millionaire Sir Marvin, he became heir Didishaimov an offer impossible to refuse, and bought a controlling stake. So the company name to pronounce in English as “Marvin”, and not in the French manner “Marven”. Logo on the dial pocket watches have become a stylized crown in the shape of an inverted M, but in deference to the founders with the same time on the side of the watch Marvin you can easily find a brand of Mark and Emmanuel Didishaymov – M & E D.

In modern times, at least until the infamous quartz crisis, watch Marvin were very popular. They were many celebrities, particularly the great drivers Ascari, Stirling Moss and Juan Manuel Fangio. In addition, the company Marvin has long been the official producer and supplier of hours for Air France and KLM.

The current owners Marvin in no hurry to run the clock in the production because he felt a great responsibility to the memory of the brothers Didishaymov. For four years they have carefully developed range, pondering what should be the watch, who designed and what is their cost. As a result, Time Avenue designers decided to keep the already-mentioned core values ​​of Marvin – a high quality, interesting arrangements, subtle style and sense of humor in design. They worked under the slogan, Marvin: new time – new codes, New time – new style.

New time and style
HOURS emotion

Lineup of today’s Marvin called in modern simple and unpretentious: Gent Mechanical and Gent Quartz, as well as Lady Mechanical and Lady Quartz. Models are also purely technological names M-101, 102, 103 …, which are assigned to the clock in order of birth. This year, two new collections from the White mechanical and quartz watches in steel and PVD-cases with dials and straps in white.

Designed by Marvin hours can be called universal. It is in this style of working major brands such as Rolex and TAG Heuer, who need to sell the same watch in different countries with very different ideas about beauty. At first glance, the model Marvin performed in classic style. But while each of them will certainly present the actual design element – whether it is an open balance, the original layout in an aggressive fashion, and red, black and white, an unusual calendar, unconventionally located power reserve, underscore the enormous additional dials counters.

All models in red Marvin is awarded the number 8. This is a good marketing move. Eight revered in oriental countries as bringing happiness and good fortune. In addition, each purchaser hours Marvin, registering on the site and pointing engraved on the case ID number hours, will automatically become a philanthropist. The company takes its name from 8 francs to fund the Children Terres des Hommes.

In the line of quartz watches Marvin by renowned Swiss manufacturer of the mechanisms created Technotime watch M014 with a unique indicator, which is called Passing Hour, passing or strolling hour. Disc with indication of hours together symmetrically arranged dials minutes and seconds. How exactly should go watch the owner of Marvin, tells hr clock in the shape of a smile.

“Our clock should evoke emotion! – Says sales director Marvin Frederic Bastiat. – That’s what we wanted! Seeing models Marvin, a man must give a start and see if they like him. The only way he will buy our watches, not the model of another brand in this price range. ”

By the way, Marvin deliberately decided to work at an affordable price range – up to 1800 euros. “Now the overwhelming number of brands seeking a road sector. “Continues to Frederick.”On the one hand, they can understand: to create quality affordable watches very difficult. But it is unfair to the fans to watch art! However, we are only circumstance at hand. The less we will have a rival, the more people will choose stylish, unusual, high-quality watches Marvin.

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