New HD3 Slyde. Have recently publisher on the official news HD3

New HD3 Slyde


Have recently publisher on the official news HD3 – a watch that should contain a more iPod. Designer watches is Jorg Hayzek, known for its many works in the field of design watches. He said that work on the design of HD3 is quite a long time – about 2 years. And up to this point all the information about the development was kept a closely guarded secret from the public. It is expected that it will be possible to buy HD3 in September 2011.

Looks like a gadget straight from the tin nano iPod 5th generation. Most think it’s more watches than the iPad, – such a comparison is due to the small size of the display of the device.HD3 is a brand of high quality Swiss watches, which is placed on touch-screen LCD (perhaps soon to be transferred to the organic light emitting diodes), watches decorated with sapphires. Many details of the hours are still in development. Enclosure – titanium, made by PVD-coating technologies. There will be other options for covering the body, such as gold. In these hours of double straps, they look like in the classic style for Swiss watches. It is expected that they will be fakes are ineffective, as will still differ from the original. Water-resistant watches – up to 30 meters. No buttons at all, only three indicators showing battery status, as well as an adapter for automatic backlight hours. All management is performed via the touch screen. Slyde name appeared on the user slides his fingers as if on the screen. Battery should last for a week. By the way, is truly a unique opportunity – sending the gadget to the center of an update for improvement? Of course, the price for such an hour is quite high, – 5000 U.S. dollars. Each additional screen will cost in the order of 50-100 hours in dollars.

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