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Carl F. Bucherer has launched a new model of wristwatch collections Manero BigDate. Watches combine elegant simplicity and practical functionality. By all measures, it is a pure classic. Hours are not burdened by any conceptual application excesses. They are designed to clearly define to perform its function of time. As with all models of this family have quiet hours, classical forms, which, despite the volatility of fashion trends, and various technical manipulations are always at the height of the “pyramid” preferences.

Power is provided by Manero BigDate automatic caliber CFB 1964. Round body (40 mm) made of stainless steel or 18K rose gold (this model is encrusted with diamonds). Functions: Large date, power reserve indication. Strap made of alligator skin.

Bucherer watch company has more than one hundred years. Its establishment in 1888 has, as an industrialist and businessman Karl-Friedrich Busherer (Carl Friedrich Bucherer) opened his first shop watches and jewelry in the Swiss city of Lucerne, thus laying the foundations for a successful family business. Already in 1919, is a presentation of the first collection of watches Bucherer. The collection attracted the attention of his expressive personality and a charming sophistication that matched the mark of quality Swiss watchmaking masters.

The succession of generations.

In 2001, for marketing purposes was established brand Carl F. Bucherer. This is the only watch company in central Switzerland. It is an autonomous, independent company in the group Bucherer, which together with its trading divisions forms Bucherer Montres SA Continuing to follow the basic principles of home Bucherer, Carl F.

Bucherer has brought to the world hours of his special vision to create them. With its unique experience of several generations of Carl F. Brand Bucherer has incorporated the traditional classics hours Bucherer, which is already in the new design meets the modern trends of the latest technological developments.

Carl F. Brand Bucherer has offices in many countries (Germany, Hong Kong, North America, Taiwan, Japan).
Over the past decades manufactory Carl F. Bucherer has achieved those results to which it aspired. With regular within the company presents the world major technical innovation. Carl F. Bucherer produces models that are immediately attracted the attention of potential customers with originality of ideas and technical excellence.

Within the collections of brand Carl F. Bucherer-ins are copyrights perpetual calendar, chronograph, and finally – his own caliber GMT from three time zones. Patravi TravelTec GMT – one of the most brilliant prime Basel 2005. Since 2005, Carl F. Bucherer is working to create a unique auto-fire, which, in turn, was presented at Basel 2008 Salon under the title CFB A 1000. The first size companies with high accuracy and security features, which was due to the peripheral curl and double-balance system has taken its place in the collection Patravi.

Model T-ChronoGrade combines the characteristics of the two lines of chronographs of Carl F. Bucherer: T-Graph and ChronoGrade. From the first model T-ChronoGrade received housing “barrel”, and from ChronoGrade – a rare set of mechanical complications: chronograph hour counter with sector, power reserve indicator, a window “big date” and the annual calendar. Hours are equipped with automatic caliber CFB 1902 with power reserve of 42 hours, in which both the sectoral index – hour meter and power reserve indicator, have been developed in our own office of the company.

Most of the novelties of Carl F. Bucherer – a technological accomplishment, which immediately took his place on a separate market. They are valued for their superior quality and continuous improvement.

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