New Black Watch Suunto Elementum. Sport Watches Suunto Elementum

New Black Watch


Sport Watches Suunto Elementum, inspired by the concept of translating the three elements, joined its ranks a new model. Terra All Black watch is a continuation of the Trinity Elementum Aqua (hours devoted to water), Elementum Ventus (air), Elementum Terra (earth).

Of course, as you can see from the list above, the clock Terra has been released, but the Suunto Elementum decided to release an update clock, full of fashionable black. Hence the name of the new hours – Terra All Black.

Sports Watches Terra All Black is best suited to travelers who value no water or air elements, and navigation on the Earth’s expanse. Therefore, in addition to the altimeter watch equipped, barometer and chronograph also 3D-compass. This device indicates the direction in degrees, equating the slope of the wrist to ensure the greatest accuracy.

In addition to the above, the unique electronic sport watches contain many more useful functions:

  • Display date
  • Alarm Clock
  • Lighting
  • Indicator of atmospheric pressure
  • Climb indicator

Journal of the last eight ascents and descents, as well as mark the maximum height.

Judging by the set of functions, clock Terra All Black great fit climbers or mountain bikers.

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