Mechanical and quartz watch with multimedia features. Chinese marketers poll conducted among representatives

Mechanical and quartz watch


Chinese marketers poll conducted among representatives of different countries and found that most people who wear wristwatches, prefer watches with mechanical or quartz movement, rather than digital clock. But everything else people are added to the respondents that would like to see in these hours have multimedia functions. And because that’s such a poll here in 2010, has its first “hybrid” of mechanical watches and quartz watches with multimedia functions.

Accordingly, the model of these hours is available in two copies, some quartz, and other mechanical. Produced such a watch in two different designs and under the Chinese brand Flent. But because China is a manufacturer of quality hours in this gadget is not inferior to Japan and even Germany. And we will now specifically about the clock. It looks ordinary wristwatch, but it is only appearance and he is deceiving. These mechanical and quartz watches have a micro-sd slot for flash card for memory expansion, built-in Bluetooth headset, through which you can connect to stereo Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music. As well as mechanical and quartz clocks have a built-in camera with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels, and all photos stored on flash memory card, which can be used to throw images on the computer. But the miracles did not end there. On top of this watch is not only a built-in camera with the help of which you can take pictures and to shoot, but a microphone, which enables to make audio recordings, and remain inconspicuous. These watches just a godsend for students, journalists and fighters against corruption, which is always important to have a recorder on hand, but in this case on the hand and remain undetected.

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