Loic Peyron at the helm of the company sponsorship projects Corum .June 9, 2011 in the boutique Corum watch company in Geneva



June 9, 2011 in the boutique Corum watch company in Geneva, held a press conference with media representatives and CEO Antonio Calci. Antonio Calci congratulated the latest victory in the world sailing race, held in Barcelona, Loic Peyronie. On this memorable evening, Director General announced the official appointment of a consultant Loic Peyronie’s brand sponsorship projects sailing regattas. At the press conference also announced the release of new models of watches with unprecedented features marine chronographs required for the regattas.

Antonio Calci still remembers his first meeting with Loic Peyronie in 2009: “I have identified several potential areas of collaboration with Loic Peyronie. As a person of Loic Peyron strengthens the brand, showing the hours of purely visual. But we do not select individuals based solely on its image, but try as possible to use their expertise. Thus, I suggested that Loic Peyron cooperation on a wider scale. Being a person of the company, Loic Peyron will be the official consultant to the brand in the world of sailing and take an active part in organizing the grand opening of the regatta and its implementation. He agreed. ”

Peerless sailor, who in an active three round the world regatta, Loic Peyron will be directly involved in the development of new professional super modern navigational watch on watch complications.

“Currently, the global watch market there is no single model of the mechanical watch with navigational features that meet all the requirements of offshore racing. Today I met with a team of professionals of Corum, to give them a chance to experience the wild passion and extreme conditions in which there are sailors during the race, and personally imagine all the difficulties.

The specific elements that have a tactical necessity and the requirements of ergonomics, requiring special attention are included in the list of technical parameters which will be equipped with the novelty of Corum. Meeting with engineers and developers of real hourly enriched my experience with them and we will solve set tasks for the implementation of Corum watches the necessary functions that require water sports. I look forward to the time when I start the project as a full member of the family Corum , – said Loic Peyron during the conference.

Issue has to watch in 2013. Face, and now consultant will carry this model in all the championships, which in the future he will participate.

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