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Now the market appears many Chinese counterfeits, as demand for certain things up, and the amount is not enough, so the “friends of the Chinese” help rectify such situations. The same thing is happening with the wristwatch. For example, take the binary LED watches, they are now very rising demand. To begin to explain what led clocks and how they differ from ordinary wristwatch, in principle, so you can see why they have now become such demand. Look like ordinary binary clock, so they have two or three LED strips, each strip is numbered from zero to nine, or sometimes up to twelve, the second well and third, too, are numbered in the same manner.

The first bar indicates hours, the other two minutes. And so, if the first strip off the number 4, on the second strip of figure 3 and the third strip, for example, number 7, it means that now for 4 hours and 37 minutes. The principle of such a clock is very simple and easy to understand it, is just get used to this unusual definition of time. But I assure you it is not harder than to learn to determine the time on mechanical and quartz watches. But in more advanced binary LED clock, which sets even a compass, those will be a little harder. Operates a compass with an accelerometer, and the direction of your movement can be determined using the same burning LEDs. And that would be a lot of battery power not to spend the compass on and off with button. In fact, everything can be used, above all the time. The price of such an incredible and very beautiful wall clock is about $ 50, there is certainly cheaper and more expensive, the price depends on what they will combine the functions. But most importantly, do not confuse the original with a fake.

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