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Jewellery CannolettaJewellery Cannoletta


The on-line presence, and especially that of a company, requires the utmost attention.Today, the Internet, even more than television, goes into our homes, and ideas, propose solutions, interferes in the way we act and think.

And ‘natural then network access will be tackled with the utmost care. This approach is ethical; it must be the ultimate responsibility.About two years ago, our jewelry has matured the need for a web presence.So he left the project, which was not resolved with the mere construction of a site (this step was taken only hours).

The first action was to serve the consumer, answering questions and studying the technical or aesthetic, which were proposed on-street. In this way we could penetrate to the real needs of the customer.

The tools were and still are Citizen Mania, the Blog of watches and jewels of the blog, because that can accommodate impressions, complaints, recommendations and concerns of a large and diverse amount of users.

Growing up in the commitment, now it seems to me to claim to be the technical reference of these prominent bloggers, and is pleasantly through them and also asked privately by clients, of which I am proud to have solved the problems.

Only then could he proceed with the establishment of three other blogs: two single-issue, dedicated to these two important and dynamic brands, and third, Henry Word Press on which advances are published and gossip (confirmed and verified), in short, all the news that even though public, would never be included in the institutional blog.

The service is now 360 degrees because it can inform and help. This is therefore the time of the launch of the last and final stage: the publication of our site for Online Sale of Watches and Jewelry and its corporate blog .

These are the assumptions that led us to be among the few and select group of “Stores Qualified Stock Exchange of Diamonds in Italy”, in addition to being among the most respected watchmakers, goldsmiths and gemologists analysts of Italy.

Our vocation is to inform, because we believe that customers will be more aware and learned to our great value-added activities and more likely to be chosen as suppliers.

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