Japanese LED watch in the style of “Samurai”.Japanese designers are more and more often delight

Japanese LED watch


Japanese designers are more and more often delight us with their innovations in the industry and the manufacture of wristwatches. Everyone knows that Japanese watches are not only exclusive and original design, but also quality.

This time, the Japanese designers offer to our attention a new gadget – LED wristwatch-style “Samurai.” Design hours and combination of colors give the appearance of hours of Japanese style, and they felt “a samurai rod. On the screen of the watch two LED lines, top line is designed to specify the time and the bottom is intended to indicate minutes. Bracelet, the gadget is not less than stylish, made bracelet in the color of dark steel (Onyx), the width of the bracelet 1.8 inches and a length of approximately 8-9 cm, but the length is adjustable so as bracelet consists of separate units which can either be removed, add anything. Clasp bracelet is very sturdy and reliable, which is exclusively designed specifically for those hours. On the right side of the watch case are two buttons, pressing the top button on the bracelet appears LED string that specifies the date and time, using the second button can make all the settings. Settings, menus and user manual in English. In “Samurai” gadget is powered by battery size CR2016 (x1), which comes complete and is already installed. LED watches in the style of “Samurai” the perfect gift for any celebration, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or a holiday devoted to a special event. Your gift will be very stylish, tasteful, useful and very durable for long memory. So if you do not know what to give to a friend, choose Japanese LED Wristwatch-style “Samurai” and you can not go wrong.

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