Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2.Great Abraham-Louis Breguet was the first watchmakers have come

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2


Great Abraham-Louis Breguet was the first watchmakers have come to rightly conclude that the force of gravity affects the accuracy of the clock, and created a turbo-it – a device that compensates for the effects of gravity on the balance. But few remember that the Breguet Tourbillon created for pocket watches, which in 1795 had only the power-off people. Hours kept them in a special pocket of his coat vertically (and only in very obese at an angle of 45-50 degrees that way). And as Breguet created it, based on the vertical position, then this is where the module is working efficiently. And it is precisely in this position during normal hours due to an imbalance of “balance-spiral gravity then accelerates, then slows down the rotation of the balance, that is, scientifically speaking, is the positional error of course.

Breguet balance and put a descent into a special rotating cage (we used to call it a more harmonious – carriage). The carriage is a part of the wheel transmission of the movement, but, unlike the simple wheel, it rotates on its axis usually at a rate of revolutions per minute and sets the desired speed of the wheel system clock as a whole. When rotating the carriage effect of gravity at different points in time offset, thereby increasing accuracy.

About tourbillon forgotten at the beginning of XX century. It’s not just that there are new materials and technologies that have allowed and no anti-gravity effect is to reduce the error range of up to several seconds per day. The main culprits have disappeared Tourbillon watch. With their appearance, brilliant original idea Breguet lost relevance – have to watch too sedentary life, and the establishment of multi-Tourbillon watch masters at what was then the technical equipment could only dream.

Breakthrough came in 2004 when just three companies – Jaeger-LeCoultre, Franck Muller and Greubel & Forsey – presented multi-axis tourbillon. But the first to deliver the multi-axis tourbillon in a powerful stream of manufacture of Les-Saintes – Jaeger-LeCouitre. And that Jaeger-LeCouitre Gyrotourbillon I in a round platinum case went down in history as the first biaxial tourbillon, which compensates for the positional accuracy of the changing of hours in space.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2
The system works like this: a large external ultra-light carriage, makes one revolution per minute, spinning at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the dial. And inside it at the same angle of 90 degrees at a speed of 1 revolution in 18.5 seconds, rotates another – small – carriage with node “balance-spiral inside. Thus, the cross-rotation compensates for the positional accuracy of the clock at different times is twice as efficient. Therefore, the clock and got the name giroturbiyon by analogy with the usual scheme of suspension gyroscopes.

Ref.: 233 64 20
Case: 55 x 36 mm, height 15.8 mm, Platinum 950 °. tipping, anti-reflective coated sapphire glass composition, WR 30 m
Dial: mineral glass, blued steel
Mechanism: giroturbiyon with Automatic JLC 174, the frequency of 28 800 pc / h, power reserve of 50 hours, platinum and bridges are decorated by hand, 371 item
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, time of day indicator, power reserve
Strap: hand-stitched alligator with the company’s folding clasp in white gold 18K

As assured in the company, none of the released limited edition of 50 copies hours of textiles for the repair had not returned. Hence, reliability and perfection giroturbiyona proved not only the famous 1000-hour tests, but life itself. So this year, Jaeger-LeCouitre released the second version of its giroturbiyona. At this time in my main model-icon Reverso.

Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 is an improved version giroturbiyona. Their rate of rotation remains the same: a large external performs rotation around its axis in a minute, internal – for 18.75 seconds. Undergone major improvements “heart” of hours – the node “balance-spiral”. First, the rim of the balance was more in diameter, and the oscillation frequency increased from 21 600 to 28 800 pc / h, thus improving the accuracy of hours. In addition, the rim is made of gold, which increased the moment of inertia to 12.5 mg x cm2.

Charming watch Jaeger-LeCouitre look remarkably fragile, but the impression is deceptive. Biaxial spherical tourbillon is capable of withstanding very major life upheavals, as already equipped with six anti-shock system: a pair for each of the carriages and two more to protect the balance wheel.

In addition, the second version of the gyro tourbillon entirely different spiral – not flat and the cylinder of the alloy is very similar to roleksovsky Parachrome Blue, and with the end of the curves at the inner and outer anchorage. Such a spiral, calling it geliksoidal-term, patented in 1782 by English artist John Arnold. It provided almost perfect isochronism, but it was extremely difficult to manufacture. And in addition, has one drawback – the height occupied so much space that a pocket watch just would not fit because it used exclusively in marine chronometers. After several years of experimentation, Jaeger-LeCoultre Master able to produce and implement a spiral Arnold into a wrist watch and said that she was “infinitely better than normal spirals.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2
In Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 significantly improved knot winding drum. It is made of sapphire to reduce friction winding springs, and is equipped with a special device – a blocker, which performs two functions: it prevents the spring is cocked too much, and completely dissolved. Locking mechanism stops for a few hours before energy is completely dry up. Therefore, the power reserve Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 is strictly limited to 50 hours. Power reserve all alone adorns the reverse side of the case.

However, the new giroturbiyon functionally limited: besides power reserve indicator on the front side of the case, you can see only the hour and minute hands, seconds indicator is in the module tour Billot and 24-hour indicator at the time of day mark at 9 o’clock.

At this step the creators Reverso Gyrotourbillon two walked intentionally, Conceiving not supercomplex hours (after the Reverso a Triptique it is generally pointless), and the hymn to the beauty of its cover models and the most attractive of complications, that is, Reverso and tourbillon. Therefore, the dial is made of mineral glass, and the markup applied by thin Arabic numerals.

Because of the unusual height of the spherical tourbillon for a unique caliber JLC 174, consisting of 371 items, had to develop and produce an entirely new body Reverso height 15,8 mm. It consists of 50 parts and is made of platinum, 950-th sample. At around “5:00” (or “7:00” if the body is upside down) is lock that prevents accidental overturning the case.

Platinum and bridges mechanism, decorated according to the canons of the Geneva stamps are made from nickel silver and hand-decorated patterns Clues de Paris, Cotes de Geneve and perlage. Their silver-steel shade effectively contrasts with yellow gold-coated wheels. The model will be released limited edition of 75 copies.

  • Giroturbiyona carriage assembly
  • Rim Balas increased in diameter and is made of gold, which improved moment of inertia to 12.5 mg x cm2
  • Helical coil made of Arnold’s latest alloy is very similar to the famous roleksovsky Parachrome Blue
  • Groovy drum is equipped with blocker, which prevents the spring is cocked too far and completely dissolved. Therefore, the cruising range is strictly limited to 50 hours.

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