Jaeger-Lecoultre: Questions Of Style – Watches



Over 20 years of Janek Deleskievich design department manages the company. This department is closely linked to the main office of the company and the various technical departments. According to the creative director of the watch company Jaeger-LeCoultre Deleskievicha Janek, the products each time the company must meet its epoch and at the same time, of course, remain faithful to its traditions and historical heritage.

“If we talk about aesthetic code, Jaeger-LeCoultre, then the accuracy and clarity are our priority feature.

With hours of information should be read quickly and easily. Historically, the company prefers the Arabic spelling hourly indices; Roman numerals are utilized very rarely. In addition to this watch should be designed so that the owner could easily use all the features. That is, a watch should really be functional, rather than an abstract embodiment of the idea of times itself. I’m certainly not against such an interpretation, but to watch our company is primarily a tool, “- he said.

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