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Seiko Watches Seiko Watches


Company Seiko Russia LLC, which is a representation of Seiko in Russia decided to increase guarantees for the Russian market at his watch up to two years. This is despite the fact that the international warranty, distributed by Seiko watch manufacturer, currently account for only one year. Apparently Russian fans Seiko especially careful with the clock, since the decision was made specially for the Russian Federation.

Seiko Watches Seiko Watches
This means that the new strategy is designed to enhance the development of Seiko watches warranty for up to two years exclusively in the territory of Russia. Already on June 1, 2011 all purchased from Russia Seiko wristwatch equipped with a new 2-year warranty card.

In addition, the clock already bought Seiko, whose old warranty period has not expired, you can extend the warranty, the distributor received more certificates.

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