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 Luxury Watch Luxury Watch


Following are some tips on cleaning wing pair of luxury watches:

  • If you have bathed in a pool or at sea, then rinse your luxury watch with fresh water.
  • Do not unnecessarily expose your watch to excessive heat or high pressures.
  • Do not use the clock in baths or saunas. If you see moisture on the glass, please seek immediate service.
  • When you change the date, do not do three hours before or after midnight. At that time the internal mechanism of the clock is changing the date and could cause harm.
  • Leather mesh must be protected from perfumes and salt water.
  • If the clock gains or looses a few seconds per day, take it for service.

 Luxury Watch Luxury Watch
And now, enjoy your precious and valuable luxury watch. With proper care, luxury watches you can last a lifetime and will inherit one day their children.

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