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Hours of MB & F for pandas Hours of MB & F for pandas


Watchmaker MB & F has created a unique wristwatch HM4 Thunderbolt, complemented by a decorative element in the form of small figurines of a panda with a connection that transforms itself into a kind of spaceship clock.

To realize this flight of fancy in the hours of MB & F resorted to by Chinese artist Huang Hankanga living in Paris. This is the famous person in the world of fine art. Huang was born in 1977 and draws from seven years. His exhibitions in Europe and New York. For hours of MB & F to design the layout of Juan Hankanga white gold was cut out by hand a little panda, which straddled HM4 Thunderbolt like a rocket.

Unique decorative clocks MB & F created specifically for the charity auction Only Watch, which will be held September 22 in Monaco.

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