Hourglass again popular



Hundreds of years ago were an hourglass for the residents of the ancient world as common as for us – a mechanical or electronic dial. But now times have already passed the hourglass, as there are a lot of their analogues, which show a more precise time. But in fact, an hourglass can be often found, and now, because their style never goes out of popularity, they are often used along with the usual hours, and then replace them – and this is not always done for decorative purposes. But there is also such an hourglass, which is not within the sand – there are used instead of sand real authentic diamonds.

Of course, this affected their price – to buy such a watch can be nearly 6500 U.S. dollars. These hours can be recorded in some of the most expensive hours of the world, for that matter, and the most original, since there is such an idea no one had noticed. Although few people the idea of creating watches made of precious materials, because it would first have to buy these materials. Diamonds are specially treated so as to show the most accurate, for this they are ground and processed, made the same size. Looking at the clock, offers a different meaning of such phrases as Time is money – or that time – very valuable. Of course, as much as 6500 dollars – is not it valuable? Created a new product in Thailand, famous for its large electronic equipment, but as we see now and analogue devices. Diamonds are selected on 10000 carats, for this indicator and are calculated price hours. Diamond Hourglass yet purchased, now they are the property developers who are actively advertise them. Dozens of visitors placed in the center of Thailand’s like to watch diamonds spilling from the top down, they argue, it’s so nice to see the same process, like fire or water. It is even possible that these hours will not be sold, but will serve as an exhibit, which will be able to see everyone.

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