Gummy Time – The fashion watch in transparent colors .The new version of the model CANDY colors strawberry,

fashion watch


The new version of the model CANDY colors strawberry, plum, midnight blue is a hymn to the new trends in the world of watches and fashion accessories that seen in the plastic material to make a new game with absolute transparency. By Time Gummy Candy is the subject of summer fashion 2011; the clock to put on the wrist with a simple move with silicone rubber band. The watch with quartz movement, 36mm diameter plastic case with shiny back secured by 4 viti.Water Resistant.

The Model Time Gummy Candy By model or colored candy is dedicated exclusively to women. To a particular type “A woman of our time, strong but feminine, you feel safe and happy to relive his life as a child” So imagine the owners of the Gummy Time. And here is the extraordinary watches consist of a succession of colorful candies such as those in sugar, great as 100 pounds, which the grocer put on display on the counter and girls with little face upwards to contemplate the harmony of colors: orange-flavored orange, lemon yellow, cherry Purple, Green mint …. The memory makes you smile, lovingly, by revising the round candies that make up the bracelet: one contains the clock mechanism.

Coloured and never trivial, in short, a timepiece that is a real fashion accessory for those who like to be trendy and fill their lives with joy of color. Gummy With Time is a real cromoterapy accessory in a mix of contrasting ideals for a look of free spirits. The colors are the protagonists of the world around us, so great is their significance as regards our mood and our own well being, the Candy model is an explosion of colors to choose from each time with relish.

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