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Grandfather clockGrandfather clock


Germans in general are famous for their clock with a large stock of progress – Lange to take at least 31, but the new clock NL126 from DM Matthias Naeschke even surpassed them. They have incredible plant as much as 12 months!

The pendulum clock is the length of the almost two feet (1.75m) and is needed for its energy of motion reported two weights, whose total weight – five pounds. The natural loss of energy caused by friction limit in NL126 minimized through the use of a 12-pretsioznyh of steel ball bearings, 4 bearing ruby, ruby ​​pallet escapement and precision gearing.

Impeccable work clockwork throughout the year since the first winding can be admired through openworked dial ring is sterling silver and embellished with hand-etched with Roman numerals.

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