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Flawless Septagraph from Borgeaud Flawless Septagraph from Borgeaud


A well-known Swiss watchmaker has launched a new super-Borgeaud chronograph Septagraph, smashed the traditional concepts in watchmaking. Automatic chronograph combines the reach of Swiss watchmaking expertise and three thousand Indian astronomical and astrological observations.

The new models of male and female wristwatch presents, a new vision of time. Imagine that you are adjusting the time, and during the day you become the owner of his own mini-segment time, and it will change with the advent of a new day.

Septagraph model combines the skill of watchmaking and ancient astronomical knowledge. Among the calendars created by mankind, the Indian Panchang calendar dates from the third millennium. It is divided into eras with a cycle of 60 years, comparable to 60 minutes, then went 12 lunar months of separation, which in turn are divided into weeks of seven days, and the day is divided into 24 hours. Indian astronomers and mathematicians have taken this 24-hour period and divide it into two 12-hour period, which lasts from sunrise to sunset. Conventionally, this frequency was recorded from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Next, a 12-hour period in the future marked the 90-minute segments. And that’s one of those segments was named Rahu Kaal, which means while Rahu. It is assumed that at this time to reflect and think and not act. This period is intended for personal use and it can be called strategic period.

Flawless Septagraph from Borgeaud Flawless Septagraph from Borgeaud
These time periods with a perfect placement reflects the strategic markup needed in the daily whirlwind of time. And the company has found the perfect solution Borgeaud, creating a new mechanical complication, reminds us of the specific daily moments of our lives. The company has designed a unique patented Borgeaud hour complication Septagraph, where the Latin word «septua» means “seven”, and ancient Greek «graphien» – write. During the week cycle, each day has its own reserved time, which is activated by a countdown mechanism, operating for 90 minutes. This period of time, called the strategic period varies from day to day.

Counter with indicators of the strategic period is set between the time indices 6 and 9. At midnight “jump” arrow automatically moves to the counter just start the day.

Every day, at the appointed time for the activation of the strategic period, broad arrow, which is located between time indices 3 and 5, immediately filled with color, giving a signal of the beginning of the period and its countdown. In parallel with a circle on the end of the arrow, which is engraved letters SP, also filled with color and light color then after a time and moving away again becomes white? This time we will give only to himself, not locked behind us, but rather opens up before us.

Women’s version of the model is based on Septagraph Quartz BRG Q1051. The uniqueness of the mechanism is that it controls the mechanical complexity of using a rotating disk, which are decorated with three colored petals of lotus. In the women’s version of the model of the strategic period counter is located on a lotus.

Under the lotus, which is enshrined in the heart of a ruby, in a given time instant there is a color disk, and three petals is ticking for 30 minutes.The lotus flower made of pink gold and encrusted with diamonds, while the grating with an exquisite floral designs in white gold completes the impressive picture. Lattice carefully polished and reflects the light patches on the sun.

The model is equipped with a mechanical watch brand complication called Manège. His work does not depend on the clock mechanism. Instead of the ten hour markers set with diamonds mobile supporting surface. With every movement wrist watches diamond markers owner begin to turn. Technically, with a special cut diamonds are supported by three controls mounted on the central axis of the shaft a little glowing with polished sides.

This axis is fixed cog with viriruyuscheysya crown, located outside of the dial. With each movement of the wrist unbalanced crown begins to control diamond and causes them to rotate around its axis, thus symbolizing the circular shape hour markers at a furious pace of time.

Luxury housing diameter 40 mm made of pink and white gold is suitable for female models and male models for. On the crown in all versions of diamonds adorn the bodies of clean water. But the model is equipped with Borgeaud 8795 pearl dial and diamond bezel decorated with numerous.The back cover is protected by sapphire glass, smoky, on which the client can be engraved with his initials.

All parts of hours Borgeaud produced and assembled in Switzerland, using a network of qualified suppliers. This approach helps to make the watch brand are characterized by excellence and impeccable quality.

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