Diamond watches in exchange for Hublot Seiko .In 2009, the rating of celebrities appeared on the generous tip

Diamond watches


In 2009, the rating of celebrities appeared on the generous tip: Johnny Depp once left a tip at the bar at 4,000 dollars, but Beckham is in the pub for a couple of beers, paid a thousand dollars instead of 100. However, Hollywood has recently capped a Croatian football player Vedran Corluka.

25-year-old defender of English club Tottenham Hotspur and Croatian national team, nicknamed “Charlie gave the waiter about 59 000 dollars! The event took place in a London bar when the waiter complimented with diamonds watches Hublot player. In response, Charlie offered to exchange your watch for Seiko waiter what happened then.

What is it? Excuse to increase his popularity, lit up in the press, or the crisis of social values? Any objective reasons which led the player to give hours for the price is not known. Unless, perhaps, he believes the design Seiko brilliant than Hublot?

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