DeWitt opened his first boutique in Hong Kong. June 22 the grand opening of its first boutique watch company DeWitt in Hong Kong.



June 22 the grand opening of its first boutique watch company DeWitt in Hong Kong. The new boutique – a good opportunity to introduce their products market in China. Store opening was accompanied by the launch of the latest ladies’ collection of Golden Afternoon, which was presented this year at an international exhibition in Basel.

Design boutique inspired by the Geneva Museum of DeWitt. Hong Kong boutique perfect illustration of the eternal commitment to the brand values and traditions of watch making, which, however, is not devoid of modern “reading.”

“The Hong Kong boutique will provide our customers with excellent facilities for familiarization with the production of DeWitt. We hope that this salon will be a place where our guests will be able to calm and pleasant environment to choose something unique and exclusive product, which fully corresponds to their imagination and representation “, – said General Director Natalie DeWitt Veyset.

The company was established in DeWitt in 2003. The company owner, Jerome De Witt person develops their watch, although it is not a designer or a watchmaker in the next generation. Over the years, De Witt was engaged in general construction business, erecting buildings and bridges throughout the world, and only at the turn of the millennia, the gentleman turned his attention to the watch industry. The outstanding Jerome De Witt fully explained its origin. In his family tree, on the one hand, we can find a Dutch lawyer and politician, and the other to find Jerome Bonaparte – Napoleon’s brother and the King of Westphalia.

“I have an idea – he says – which I take the form of a general plan and hand his team of professionals involved in the detailed design and engineering for future models. To some extent I can be considered as a conductor. There are many artists who have the right skills and even an outstanding talent for creating exceptional timepieces. But requires a person with a clear objective to coordinate and direct all their efforts. ”

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