De Grisogono Meccanico Dg .The founder of the jewelry and watchmaking house de Grisogono.

De Grisogono Meccanico Dg


The founder of the jewelry and watchmaking house de Grisogono Fawaz Gruosi decided to make the year of his taking office, a full owner of watchmaking art lovers will remember for a long time. In addition to brilliant hours Otturatore, which we described in the previous issue, he presented no less paradoxical model Meccanico dG – the first mechanical watch with a digital display is not distinguishable from displays of digital clocks.

The lower part of the dial just stylized crystal LED-backlit display. And at first glance difficult to believe that we face is actually a mechanical watch with two mechanisms, which are divided visually dial into two parts. The upper zone – the traditional “arrow” clock, and bottom – unique unit time indicator in the second zone.

Indication carried 23 segment-dash, which, depending on versions can be cast in red gold or painted in green. Vertical segments are 9 mm in height and weigh 25 milligrams, and the horizontal – the length of 2.9 mm and weighs only 10 mg. Together they form the number “e” display. And then it starts to get interesting. Each segment is managed by one of 23 cams, which, in turn, the wheels are connected into a single system of descent and synchronization.

In this segment, dashes are not cylindrical and rectangular cross section. One pair of opposite planes bars painted black, and the second – in green. Turning them 90 degrees at the right moment, the module as it “dampens” one dash, while “turning on” other. Unfortunately, de Grisogono has not yet completed to issue a patent for his invention, and therefore does not publish the schema module. How to assure the masters of the company, to achieve simultaneous and precise switching of all components of this module, it was very difficult. Readily believe, but we hope that sooner or later corporate secret still to be discovered.

Meccanico dG mechanism is extremely complex, it consists of 721 parts and 77 jewels. It is for this reason that the creators could not ensure its self-winding. After all, they sought to make his concept as an elegant appearance, and they succeeded. With the overall white-gold case 38.1 x 34.7 mm height Meccanico dG is only 11.45 mm – as much as 5 mm smaller than other modern chronographs. The hull shape gradually expands to the ground. As a result, unusual hours sitting on the arm just great!

Large crown for “analog” clock is made in the form of a round button at mark “3”. Power reserve mechanism, which is enough for about 35 hours, tucked away on the back of hours. Another two smaller buttons located on both sides of the body on imaginary mark “4” and “8”. They corrected the testimony of the module GMT.

De Grisogono Meccanico Dg
Meccanico dG will release a limited edition – 177 copies. But the chances of seeing on the wrist of another person are exactly the same hours are reduced to almost zero, because you can order a combined corpus of four different materials: titanium and red gold, platinum and rubber. And only you can decide how they connect to your instance.

Housing: 38,1 x 34,7 mm, height 11.45 mm, titanium, sapphire crystal and transparent back case, WR 30 m
Dial: no, arrows, labels, and segments of the lower modulus of steel coated with fluorescent paint
Movement: exclusive de Grisogono Meccanico dG, with manual winding, power reserve approximately 35 hours
Functions: hours, minutes, the time indicator in the second time zone, power reserve
Strap: rubber with double clasp in titanium

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