Cosmic Clock SPACE INVADERS. All Brand RJ-ROMAIN JEROME in alliance with the company

Cosmic Clock


All Brand RJ-ROMAIN JEROME in alliance with the company presented TAITO exclusive watches SPACE INVADERS.

They are devoted to the famous computer game, which was developed in 1978 by a Japanese corporation TAITO. SPACE INVADERS game quickly became very popular around the world.

Housing watches SPACE INVADERS in the style of buildings from the line Moon Invader: 46-mm square body with the outer circle and a rectangular back cover. Four functional ball joints are cut in the shape of turning the legs, used the lunar module landing on the moon. These components are mounted on axles that are attached to the body instead of the traditional “ears.”

Four screws in the form of plates screwed on the back cover to the body. Across the surface of the dial are “space invaders”. These figurines are made of steel space shuttle Apollo 11.

Another trick model SPACE INVADERS – a plate of lunar surface rocks. It is a unique alloy of silver with the moon rocks and covers patterned back cover hours. Mineral particles reproduced the lunar surface interact on a molecular level infrastructure with the owner of the watch.

Hours SPACE INVADERS released limited edition – 78 copies. The model is presented in two versions.

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