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Concept watchConcept watch


We live and almost never think about, and how life is for people with disabilities who are blind or hearing, and even worse, and both. But a man named David Chavez (David Chavez) to think about disabilities and the poor became a designer watches for the blind. You probably say, why the blind man hours if it they still do not see it.

But as is sometimes important to know the time. Yes, you can certainly ask passers-by or to have a talking clock, but usually these people are very shy and may be ashamed to ask passerby, and the “speaking clock” can simply not heard in a noisy city. According to the principle of Braille, through which all blind people can read, developed, and new watches, David Chavez (David Chavez). These wristwatch gadgets are called “Haptica Braille” In these hours there is the display, which depicts four figures with the small projection, and with a touch you can easily understand that hour. A look of hours for the Blind still quite attractive, the design of a modest, yet stylish and will suit not only the disabled, but any ordinary person can buy them. But to our regret, the clock gadgets “Haptica Braille” so far are only a concept and can not be done. And the reason is one, in David Chavez (David Chavez) has no such finance to run the idea into production, he’s an ordinary person of average income. But he found a way out and created a website in podderku his idea. Many of his already supported? and his site has earned about $ 30 000. But this is not enough to start production of these watches. But we hope that many people would react with understanding and support the idea, David Chavez (David Chavez) with his wristwatch for the Blind “Haptica Braille”.

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