Collection “Arabian horses” of Angular Momentum

Arabian horses


To create a unique collection of The Arabian Horses hour of Angular Momentum took over four months. The collection consists of eleven masterpieces of the watchmaking art, hand-decorated with miniatures of Arabian horses. Indices used for decorating style Verre Eglomise, which is a technique applied the gilding and painting cold on the inside of the sapphire crystal. The ornament is attached to the crystal, gelatin, and then polished to a mirror surface and decorated with engraving.

Round body in white 18-karat gold feature rare historical self-winding, which were issued between 50 and 60-mi-mi years of last century. In crown decorated with a black diamond cabochon. Body size varies from 38 mm to 42 mm and a buyer can choose the body that corresponds to his personal taste.

No accident for the decoration of dials choice fell on the Arabian horses. These noble animals have become the characters of many myths and legends of the Ancient Orient. By now there is a legend the prophet Muhammad chose mare, became the founder of the rock, put it through rigorous tests in the courage and devotion.

According to another version, the Prophet Mohammed after the exhausting journey across the desert to oasis turned the herd to water them. When the herd had almost reached the oasis, he called them back. But only five mares responded to his voice and returned to him, though terribly thirsty. Selected mare began to wear the name of Al Hans, which in Arabic means “five”. Thus, the legendary mare are progenitors of surprising beauty and wisdom of Arabian horses.

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