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CEO of Zenith, Jean-Frederic Dufour said of the return of Colonel John Blashfordba Snell in the series after the company. Over the past 40 years, the British explorer John Blashfordb Snell in his expeditions around the world “experienced” watch from the company’s Zenith.

His Chronograph El Primero honorably endured bitter cold of Alaska, extreme humidity swamps of Central and South American jungle on the banks of the Blue Nile and the Congo River, the sands of the desert …
Blashfordb John Snell gave his watch to the museum of the company. In turn, Zenith in gratitude released a limited series of hours dedicated to the famous explorer – John Blashford-Snell. This model – a prototype Chronograph El Primero Stratos.

The research activities of Colonel John Blashfordba Snell began in 1968 when Emperor Haile Selassie offered to equip the British Army expedition to the Blue Nile. Leader of the expedition was John Blashfordb. On his return founded a colonel Research Society. At the same time he began to cooperate with Zenith.

Scope of scientific interests of the expedition, John Blashfordba Snell covers medicine, geography, zoology, biology and ecology. One of the most challenging expeditions became the Trans-Atlantic expedition, during which to cross the American continent from north to south. The main objective of the expedition was crossing the 400-kilometer marsh Darien Gap (Darien Gap) on the cars. After this expedition Administration Pan American Highway, which is responsible for a section of road that connects South America to North America, has spent 150 million dollars to build this road. On account of John there are many other expeditions, for which he was awarded the Medal of the Royal Geographical Society.

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