clock, the masters and traditions.Deliveries to Russia hours Epos began last fall see BW number 5 / 2007.




Deliveries to Russia hours Epos began last fall see BW number 5 / 2007. Over the past six months the brand had had special relations with Russia and Russian dealers. Today, these watches are in the stores in Moscow and Moscow region, the northern capital, and Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Novokuznetsk. For short term sales in Russia were so great that it wishes to domestic buyers attentively taken into account when developing new models. Executive Leadership – Ursula Forster and Tamdy Chong – in March visited St. Petersburg, where he conducted a seminar for sellers Northwest District, to acquaint them with the philosophy and model number Epos. And in April, the delegation visited the company’s Sky Time in the heart of Epos – in the workshops of Grenchen.

Grenchen – a small town, it is not marked on every map. But this does not prevent him from being one of the capitals of watchmaking. It housed assembly plant and headquarters Breitling, Rolex, Epos, ETA production sites and other companies.

Epos units located in several places. In the main building, along with the central office, located warehouses for finished products and components. Here we collect the most complex model. In the world there are so many artists who are ready to take on the establishment of the tourbillon. Bernhard Kocher, a leading specialist Epos, one of those who shoulder much fine work. His job is less than most similar to the conveyor: The master leads his watch from start to finish and be responsible for their impeccable quality of its reputation.

Simpler models are collected in a different place, not far from Saint-Imier. There, not counting the students, employs about 30 people. Although the factory is equipped with the latest equipment in the work of artists remains a significant proportion of manual labor. After all, without exception, Epos watches come with a transparent back cover, so – each mechanism “the company uses a proven ETA, and have become collectors’ rarities mechanisms 60-70 years” must possess not only high accuracy but also the perfect look. But the crucial process of testing confidence not knowing except computers.


Epos Company is very proud of the quality of decorating their hours, which can be seen under the rear cover of each model. And this pride is well founded.

Much of the work on “building beauty” is performed in the village of Saint-Imier. Here is a private studio, which for decades specializing in azhurovke details. Relatively inexpensive Epos looks exception among the clients of this workshop, where decorated with arrangements mark the highest price category.

The key to the success of small studios are respect for tradition and personal skills of specialists. For example, in Saint-Imier have a unique technology of “Geneva bands”, which is passed down from generation to generation. The work local artists can be easily distinguished from the conveyor: the azhurovannyh hand detail vividly played out, they look more pronounced. The secret to happy to reveal themselves watchmakers: metal is not homogeneous, and a real person, unlike the car, feeling the slightest difference and understand what efforts are being made to the workpiece in a particular place.

Collaboration with artists from Saint-Imier could not be better corresponds to the ideology Epos, the company which has taken to follow the old traditions and combine them with the latest technological advances to make these Swiss watches available.

WAY TO Complication

Epos new items at the exhibition in Basel showed that the company is in constant development. Its members assert that the brand is not going to be included in race prices: the lower price level will remain in the area of ​​22 thousand rubles. But this did not prevent Epos take a course to create more complex and interesting patterns. This is most clearly demonstrated a new clock from the collections of Emotion and Sportive.

First, in addition to the classical model, supplemented by three chronograph watch with a full date and a lunar calendar, skeleton, and a stylish control. Especially interesting is one of the chronograph – Ref.3393. It seems, from his example Epos decided to demonstrate how they can do complicated watches grenhenskie wizard. At guilloche dial pointers are placed compactly date, month and day, lunar calendar, and a small counter for 24 hours. Under the sapphire glass back cover ticking mechanism Valjoux 7751, decorated in the best tradition of the brand.

Collection Sportive, where last year’s successful “shot” Chronograph Ref.3388, had developed their success and released a vanguard watch Ref.3389 in three versions: with a continuous dial, with an open balance and futuristic sled. This bright, flashy models can be countered by other new collections – strong, made in black and white Ref.3396. They are still better suited to active lifestyles: here we have used screw-in crown, luminescent hands and indices, rotating bezel, water resistance and increased to 200 meters. This model – the only one of the whole collection with an opaque back cover. Sportive calculated on a strong man: brutal hours with a diameter of 43-44 mm, which will underline the beauty of manly, muscular arms.

Shown in Basel Epos range predicts good sales. A serious attitude toward quality hours, in which during a trip to convince the Russian distributors, ensures that everyone who opted for this brand, do not be disappointed.

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