Citizen Satellite Wave Ceptor. Waiting for the “troops” to return to Cala di Lepre


Waiting for the “troops” to return to Cala di Lepre (a spectacular corner of Sardinia) was a rainy day, but the dark image that the heath of Malpensa has reserved for guests of the Meeting of the Citizen, has certainly affected the memory of a beautiful and sunny weekend.

A surprise reserved for a select group of invited Dealers Citizen at the European premiere of Citizen Satellite Wave Ceptor.

I have been able to pay more attention to this news by opening the pages of Il Sole 24 Ore and Corriere della Sera, for the more active it was a second appointment with the clock set to change the world of hands.

In fact, the presentation was at the recent Basel Fair even though the first to be informed of this change, will change the history of watches, they could only admire it protected by a glass case.

The Citizen Satellite Wave Ceptor has come to this meeting accompanied by two Japanese engineers to whom we owe this masterpiece.

A watch, the result of a genius by “slanting eyes”, but that speaks much Italian.

The credit belongs to Dante Grossi, president of Citizen Italy, which is due to the “dress” Citizen of the hi-tech Satellite: a ceramic body, a mineral crystal glass and steel loops in the Treaty.

And the obstinacy of the President does not stop there: in fact, of the 400 pieces for the market (in total will be 500 but 100 will be honored at the most important people of the World) 200 will be allocated with priority to the Italian Market in Europe (the rest will be reserved the American market).

From this corner of Sardinia came only confirmed the operation of this unique product: Absolute accuracy guaranteed, wherever you are, be a signal that arrives from space.

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