Chameleon clock. We have before us today are not ordinary watches.

Chameleon clock


We have before us today are not ordinary watches. In form they resemble ordinary bracelet, but still ahead of us watch.

These watches are able to specify what time of day, which is currently on the street. If determined without much effort on a specially designed system.

If the clock is painted chameleon, for example, in green or blue, it says that on the street at any given time morning. In the color changed to orange and yellow – on the street at lunch time. And finally, the purple and red colors symbolize what is already the evening came, and soon you can go to bed. Of course, the clock rather unusual and it is unlikely they will have tremendous demand. So right away you could not tell for what purpose should be to acquire a chameleon-clock, for any person without any problems can determine the time of day. However, as a stylish accessory, this model is quite a wristwatch has the right to life. Everything else, watches have built-in touch screen, through which it is easy to use all, quite frankly, few features of this device. For example, you can set an alarm clock. The cost of these hours, the chameleon is currently not reported. Also, do not know when they go on sale. The extent to which clock chameleon will be popular, primarily depends on the positioning of their manufacturer. If developers are positioning their watches as a stylish accessory that is required for each dandy and ladies, the success is quite likely, but if you would like simply positioning wristwatch, it is likely this model will be waiting for the collapse.

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