Cedric Yoner – a new product manager for brand BLACKSAND – Watches



The famous Swiss brand BLACKSAND collaborated with the renowned master watch Cedric Yonerom Affairs. From the first in June 2011 Cedric Yoner was appointed product manager. The famous clockmaker, whose ten-year experience in the famous Swiss watch companies, he is the founder of the company’s own Cedric Johner.

Cooperation of BLACKSAND and Cedric Yonera was not accidental. After all, they are both advocates of creative solutions in design and use of manual work in creating models. Cedric Yonera not satisfied with the watch case with the traditional form, and he began to produce their own models of watches with cases in the form of hexagons with rounded corners.

Cedric Yoner received an invitation to collaborate with the company BLACKSAND. Mark BLACKSAND hopes that Cedric Yoner will contribute to further development of the company in terms of producing high quality watches that represent the true masterpieces of the watchmaking art…

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