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Japanese company Casio one of the first came to the conclusion that the wristwatch – the best place to store databases. Notebooks, organizers and mobile phones are not always available. And watch – that they are at hand, rather on the hand, the desired information is retrieved in seconds, and, importantly, the battery does not sit down for years. Not surprisingly, the series DataBank from Casio, which presents a model with different “notebooks” and other business functions, has won a stable consumer audience.

Original in the absolute

“If it’s not totally original thing, it’s not Casio” – the motto of a Japanese company. Therefore, Casio watches began developing a database, where it yet no one thought than instantly attracted the attention of consumers. In general, young people, because this part of society most interested in technical innovation and the ability to quickly handle information. For example, the first model with the data bank, and built-in dictionary DK-5000 appeared in the collection of Casio already in 1991.

Since then, the media were modified, it is possible to expand the memory to combine Japanese watches with a computer and even create a comfortable and attractive clock interface. So in 1995, a model Twincept, where digital data is a kind of “hover” over an analog dial. In this case, there is a feeling that the figures and text appear directly on the glass dial, and analog display duplicate text information. This feature not only looks impressive but also very convenient because of its visibility.

In the latest collections of DataBank basic functionality typically includes a telephone address book, stopwatch, timer and alarm clock. A collection of e-DataBank, meeting the requirements of modern life, there is also an opportunity to make a database of URL-addresses and e-mail. What will agree, very convenient, because a normal person usually does not carry in a pocket drive with a folder “Favorites” (“Music”) and address book from Outlook Express.

In addition, in many models of DataBank and e-DataBank has various additional functions that have turned the clock in the real “hits” of the season. For example, the model EDB-110 series of e-DataBank has a notebook for 20 files, 20 characters each (name, phone, e-mail). In addition, it has an alarm clock, capable of ringing 5 times a day and displays time in 27 cities around the world. EDB-110 attracts attention and shown on the LCD three-color graphics card world, which suggests, in what parts of the world now days, and in which – night.

But the model of EDB-111D lets you save is up to 40 entries (Internet addresses, passport details, etc.). And all functions – alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, world time – repeated on the three-color LCD screen as a graphic face. About that which function is active and can be identified by a blinking “icon” moving on the display.

Incidentally, in all models and e-DataBank DataBank information is protected by personal access code and password. So, even if the owner will lose hours, it can not be worried that its database will be able to take advantage of someone else.

Dream spy

A real sensation exhibition in Basel in 2002 was the presentation of the model Casio WQV-10 – the first few hours with a color digital camera. Incidentally, these watches are also a series of DataBank. True, her memory bank has no separate entry of names and telephone numbers, but can store up to 100 pictures with captions. Although the manufacturers themselves acknowledge that WQV-10 is not a competitor of the conventional camera, the small size of the resulting images, why not use this model as an electronic photo album? Instantly take a picture of the right person to write his name and phone number, and then all this information to the computer using a special infrared – so many are of a notebook modern businessman or a secret agent.

Phenomenal memory

In early 2003, Casio introduced in the Russian market a new model for a series of e-DataBank – EDB-600. Its main feature – in the extended block of memory can store up to 300 phone numbers. Furthermore, the model contains a separate memory unit for Internet addresses, an indicator of the time in 100 cities around the world, calculator, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer and a battery charge indicator.

Since the amount of information that can be made ​​during these hours, large enough for the convenience of users in the top panel contains buttons corresponding to certain numbers and alphabetic characters (familiar to any owner or the owner of the mobile Casio hours with a calculator). And in order to activate any of the above functions, simply click on the button menu, and displays color “icon” with conventional symbols. Each button on the control panel correspond to similarly situated on the screen icon. For example, button “1” – clock function, “2” – the internet address, “3” – the phone book, etc. We must pay tribute to the engineers Casio: in the management of small surface case or the convenience of data entry, they are always based on the needs of users. And that’s why b ylo introduced another improvement in the series DataBank: multilingual block of memory.

Farewell, Latin!

We got our autumn this year model DB-E30 (solar-powered) and DB-36 equipped with a notebook with 30 rooms, including the names and phone numbers, which for convenience are automatically sorted alphabetically. Therein lies the “highlight”: memory clock contains 16 alphabets (DB-E30) and 13 (DB-36) European languages, including Russian. Now we can no longer be tormented with transcription hissing and whistling, and quietly to keep all the names as they are written in fact.

But soon a series of “hours, speaking in Russian,” will be another model: DB-37. In addition to the 13 languages, your notebook with 30 rooms, alarm, lights, just dial with LED and waterproof to 50 meters, this model is equipped with a battery with a 10-year lifetime. And its a small barrel-shaped body looks perfect on both male and female at hand.

It is worth recalling that the Casio does not change its pricing policy. Despite the complexity and multi-functionality described models, their prices are quite liberal.
So, if your lifestyle requires frequent operating information in a sufficiently mobile environment – a series of DataBank and e-DataBank will greatly facilitate this process and help you actually save time.

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