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Batteries, charged by sunlight, has long been used in hours, their dignity, as well as weaknesses, are well known. Casio’s engineers at its new original design – a series of wristwatches Tough Solar – have tried to negate the weaknesses and maximize benefits.

Thanks to the ingeniously applied micro-SOI, solar energy is stored and consumed so efficient that it lacks not only a long and reliable operation of the actual hours, but on the maintenance of several complex and energy-intensive functions that before, to create a Tough Solar, for the solar batteries were not possible.

Used in computers SOI-Technology (“silicon-on-insulator), based on the fact that transistors are placed not directly on the silicon charge, and on the covers of a substrate of silicon dioxide. This allows us to increase the power of the photoelectric converter to a level up – is sufficient to power the sophisticated sensors and gauges. Incidentally, yet another undeniable and important advantage o’clock Tough Solar is that there is no need to replace batteries that, firstly, just convenient, and secondly, does not create environmental and technological problems with their disposal, which has recently become stumbling block for many developments.

So powerful and intelligent Tough Solar reliably provides not only the exact timing and indication on digital display, and electroluminescent backlight dial, and the possibility of automatic activation (in the case of low light, less than 60 lux) and off (when the backlight is not needed) . And thanks to the sensor direction electroluminescent backlight turns every time you turn the display side of the face. Generally, sleep mode, which can optionally be included (in this case issued a beep) or off, adjust the rational use of energy, so the display distinguishes between light and darkness, and behaves accordingly – “sleep” when his testimony is unnecessary, and wakes up “after 5 seconds exposure to light or when you press buttons. All watches are equipped with a graphical Tough Solar battery level indicator. If the battery is low, simply substitute the hours of light – a necessary amount of energy is restored.

Low energy consumption has not only realized in Tough Solar watch is very energy-intensive functions, but also reduce the area of solar panels up to 55% from that adopted in earlier models of Casio. Due to this, managed to increase the usable area of ​​the LCD. On such a display was possible to display not only time but also other indicators in digital or graphic form.

Clearly, the clock with such advanced capabilities to attract, first of all, active people who are accustomed to using sophisticated advanced features. Appeared on the Russian market the series should be interested athletes, who need to record and store performance training.

Thus, the athletes will appreciate the series Phys technology Tough Solar (STR-200-1V), the design of which allows the use of clock in Speed ​​mode, without interrupting the exercise. Increased area of ​​the display, avtopodsvetka, including when turning the clock in the side of the face and distinguishing day and night, the shape and position of the buttons (at position 6 and 12 hours), allowing a blind include the required functions, and finally, the functions themselves: the memory of 60 distances containing the date, size, distance, stopwatch at the finish and intermediate results – all very convenient, creates a good mood for training, increases their effectiveness.

Family hours Triple Sensor (triple sensor) designed for climbers, is now also include technologies Tough Solar (PRG-50-1V). In addition to the usual Tough Solar EL avtopodsvetki capable of recognizing the day and night, the sensor direction, alarm and indicator battery, these watches are equipped with special features like an altimeter (an instrument for measuring altitude), barometer, with a cumulative memory of the climb and atmospheric pressure, digital compass and thermometer. And using them is easy: the appropriate measurement on the screen at the press of a button.

For tourists, travelers will be very convenient hours Simple Direction Finders (PRS-201B-2V), specifics of which are available for a simplified indicator of direction (in addition to all other features Tough Solar), deposited directly on the outer rim of the dial, and a graphical pointer phases Moon.

For boaters, people who are fond of water sports and fishing (before they offer a series of Casio Sea-Pathfinder) in Tough Solar technology developed subseries Tide Graph (SPS-201-1V), whose character is the presence of graphic displays of sea tides and lunar phases, as well as a timer yachtsman. These hours are long sections on the strap for drainage and high-touch buttons.

Hours of Tough Solar – an opportunity to become involved in future technologies.

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