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From the first day you acquire a valuable object, such as watches, must provide some care to keep it in perfect condition. Regular maintenance will ensure longer life of all its parts. Remember that luxury watches in addition to being valuable objects are also an investment. If one day you decide to sell your watch, you get more profit on the sale if the watch is in pristine condition.

When buying a luxury watch, save the original box and all the papers as guarantees, certificates, user manuals and other accessories like cuff links.

It is recommended that you take the watch luxury specialized technician every two years to change the battery and clean the way every little component.

If you have saved your luxury watch and not used regularly, you should check once or twice a year that the mechanism works well to avoid unpleasant surprises. In this case you should keep your watch away from moisture and sunlight. The best way is to save the original box with papers in a safe place, either at home or in a bank safe.

If you use your clock every day, it is recommended that if the watch is water resistant, do not shower or bathe with the watch. Rapid changes in temperature can damage the watch.

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