Bell & Ross BR Twelve O ‘Clock. By its very nature, time and a relative concept that man has always wanted to outline references.

Bell & Ross


By its very nature, time and a relative concept that man has always wanted to outline references. The development of mechanisms of clocks made it possible to provide a precise measurement.

By creating the watch Twelve O’Clock BR, Bell & Ross upsets the codes of classical and propose that the reading of a time that does not indicate even more minutes, or seconds.

Conceived as a work of art, BR Twelve O’Clock and artistic interpretation of Bell & Ross clock based disks. Resolutely conceptual, this watch looks like an animated table in constant evolution, which indicates the correct time, for a brief moment.

A reading unpublished and ephemeral

The BR Twelve O’Clock and an instrument consisting of 12 watches.

  • Each clock has a unique number that corresponds to one hour of the day-born: 1, 2, 3 … to 12.
  • Each issue is designed in three concentric discs. The rotation of the disc fragments the number and makes it unreadable. They must wait until the disks are correctly positioned to read the time.
  • Every hour, a single clock shows the correct time, the one whose number is reassembled briefly in an upright position.

For example, when the three, the third clock displays the number 3, while the graphics of the other clocks continue to fragment. When are the four on the fourth clock displays the number 4. And so on for hours.

As the time passes, the twelve watches create a table abstracted from the continuous movement.

Bell & Ross
BR Twelve O ‘Clock

A technical performance

The twelve clocks use a display technology developed by Bell & Ross discs. The display is in the form of three concentric independent disks, placed on an equal footing.

During rotation, a control with micron precision to ensure consistently parallelism of disks. The technical challenge and is given by the design and implementation of the three discs that the precision of the assembly. This requires the know-how of the watchmakers.

Twelve automatic watches are set on twelve battery charging mechanisms, and the set is presented in a slipcase. This device provides a vision of a table in constant animation.

An object d’art of watchmaking

At a time when life and marked the second per second, the clock Twelve O’Clock and demonstration of our inability to face the passing of time. The graphic animation that allows us to glimpse the measure of time for a short time illustrates the elusive first time.

Available in only 12 specimens, the BR Twelve O’Clock offers a new perception of time. A true work of art inspired, its complex mechanism and its surprising evolutionary graphics all the time. This watch will be especially appreciated by watch lovers and collectors of art.

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