Bear on the Rotonde de Cartier watch. In the sequel to “bear the theme” Cartier produces watches Rotonde de Cartier

Cartier watch


In the sequel to “bear the theme” Cartier produces watches Rotonde de Cartier, which on the face of a polar bear re-created by the technique of enameling called paillonne. This technique is the epitome of a special skill that requires skill and hours of work.

The enamel is applied on the clock with the help of a popular technique of the XVIII century, whose name in French means a small golden ornament on the basis of the enamel. Ie to create a white teddy bear Cartier wizard first struck on the clock face pattern, and then covered with three layers of translucent enamel and baked to the desired shade. However, this clever piece of work is not completed. Need to apply six layers, podkladyvaniya under enamel foil which gives the picture depth and a unique inner glow. Only after work completed with the application of three layers of transparent enamels, fixing the whole complex structure.

This masterpiece of engineering paillonne framed by 42-mm white gold, and the crown is blue sapphire cabochon – is appearance hours fully supports all color indices, combined with a unique style.

Sami watches are quite simple and through the mechanism of MC 9601 with manual winding display only hours and minutes. Strap – from the skin of an alligator.

Limited edition – 40 copies.

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