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Auction of the CenturyAuction of the Century


As is known, Rolex has formulated the concept of ‘wrist sports watch, presenting in 1926, the first waterproof model Oyster (Oyster), in which a British swimmer Mercedes Glyayttse crossed the English Channel. Swim lasted 15 hours and to the surprise of social control, will not affect the performance hours.

In subsequent decades, the company repeatedly to perfect a revolutionary development, consistently placing on the market “oyster” bar Explorer, Tum-o-Graph, Submariner, Cosmograph, Milgauss, Sea-Dweller and Explorer II. Virtually every modern sports model – no matter what name brand is on its dial – is a piece of engineering heritage Rolex.

The room where the auction took place, could not accommodate everyone, and it had to be supplemented by additional room in Milan, relayed via satellite. Such hype has led to a logical result: only sold 90 percent of the lots and the total amount of sales amounted to 8,515,260 dollars, which is approximately one and a half times the expected figure. Julien Schaerer, watch director of Antiquorum USA: These trades are not only demonstrated the enduring appeal of the Rolex watch for connoisseurs of art, but also approved Tudor (daughter Rolex, which wits sometimes called Rolex for the poor “- AV) as a Collector brand. We are more than satisfied. ” Evan Zimmerman, managing director of Antiquorum USA:We wanted to gather in the auction catalog of the best works of jubilee, and judging by the fantastic results that we have succeeded. Revolution: The Evolution of the Rolex Sport Watch, can without exaggeration be called “Auction of the Century.

Lot 201

Oyster Perpetual Date, Comex, Sea-Dweller, 2000ft/610m, Ref.: 1665 in steel, released in 1979. Lot estimated at 100000-150000 dollars, and was sold for $ 248,000.

Auction of the CenturyAuction of the Century
Lot 209

Prototype No Valve Double Red Oyster Perpetual Date, Sea-Dweller Submariner, 2000ft/610m without helium exhaust valve, Ref.: 1665. Year – 1965. This stainless steel version of the deep “Oyster” was sold for 237,600 dollars in assessed value in 110000-130000 dollars.

Lot 210

Exactly the same amount of anonymity buyer laid out for Lot 210, representing a Double-Red Mark I Oyster Perpetual Date, Sea-Dweller, Submariner 2000,2000 ft/610 m 1967. Submariner estimated at 150-200 thousand dollars.

Lot 145

During the 50-year-old steel chronometer Oyster Perpetual MHgailSS, Ref.: 6541 was paid USD 190,000 in the evaluation of about 70-100 thousand.

Lot 175

Military Oyster Perpetual Submariner, 660ft/200m, Ref.: 5513. This left the factory walls in 1973, the chronometer was in 1975 “called” into military service, then rose greatly in price. Its estimated minimum of 100,000 dollars, and sold over 166,800.

Auction of the CenturyAuction of the Century
Lot 202

Comex Oyster Perpetual Date Submariner, 660ft/200m, Ref.: 1680. Year “Birthday” – 1978. The final price – 155,000 dollars in the assessment of experts in the 120-160 thousand.

Lot 163

James Bond, Oyster Perpetual Submariner, 660ft/200m, Ref.: 5510. This version was in production just over a year, and therefore of special interest to collectors. Model 1958 production was estimated at 100000-150000 dollars, and sold over 155,000.

Lot 255

Paul Newman, Oyster Cosmograph Daytona, Ref.: 6265. The only gold model in the list of most expensive lots had cost its new owner in the U.S. $ 166,800 (estimate 80000-120000 USD).

Lot 228

Another noun Chronometer:Jean-Claude Killy, Oyster Chronograph Antimagnetic, Ref.: 6263 1958 year. Again, 155,000 USD in the evaluation of 100000-150000.

Lot 237

This Cosmograph Daytona, Ref.: 6239, was sold in a boutique Carrier in the early 1960’s for a much smaller amount than the April Antiquorum. In April 2008, gave him 143,200 dollars, twice the average number of price.

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