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Apotheosis CollectiblesApotheosis Collectibles


Past 20 years, Blancpain has sought to become the ideal collector’s name, each year introducing a model that ensured a place in history. This year, in honor of its 270-anniversary of the manufacture of Le Brassus has surpassed itself. She created a real collector’s dream – Apotheosis Temporis, a complete collection of all the great achievements of the art of watchmaking.

By creating this collection, whose title translates as “The Apotheosis of time”, Blancpain purposefully walked past 20 years. The appearance of the collection Villeret, invented by geniuses, Jean-Claude Biver and Frederic Piguet, predetermined advance of the day, when a single model to combine all the perfection of the art of watchmaking: subtle mechanisms, equipped with the most complex functions, and the most exquisite classical design, which only can imagine a man of taste .

The very first Villeret appeared in 1983 – ultra-thin watch in gold case with a subtle golden arrows and a miniature Roman markings on the dial-colored eggshell. Since then, the face Villeret, who became a symbol of aristocratic luxury, constantly supplemented by more sophisticated models. Until recently, there were six – and only this year thanks to the efforts of the new head of Blancpain, Villeret submitting a perpetual calendar and Villeret one-button chronograph, a collection of the most refined of complications in the thin shell has been completed.

2005 – the anniversary is not just the oldest watch brand, this year will be remembered as the collectors of the time when all the religious art of watchmaking achievements were made ​​in perfect shape body Villeret and enclosed under one cover as the greatest treasure, called the Apotheosis Temporis.

Apotheosis CollectiblesApotheosis Collectibles
“The Apotheosis of time” – has already completed a collection of eight models with a unique mechanism: ultra-thin with a central second hand, with two time zones, with full lunar calendar, with perpetual calendar, one-touch Split-chromium monograph, a model with a tourbillon, with equation of time, and finally with a minute repeater.

Hull of all models collection Apotheosis Temporis is made ​​of platinum 950 °, the classic 38 mm in diameter, and all but the minute repeater, is waterproof to 30 meters. Unlike conventional models Villeret dials collectible series covered matte black lacquer, and the overhead figures markings and arrows are made ​​of white gold.

Through the sapphire glass on the back cover of the case may be to consider carefully the exclusive arrangements are made ​​to manufacture specifically for Piguet Blancpain, hand crafted and covered with engraved Cotes de Geneve.

It is not only the clock, but also their design. All eight models Apotheosis Temporis placed in a special box for watches with automatic winding with moving cells (Watch Winder), which provide a constant rotation of the clock and, accordingly, the plant springs from the rotor.

Apotheosis CollectiblesApotheosis Collectibles
Jewelry box for watches with automatic winding Apotheosis Temporis is itself a work of art – each of them made ​​by hand from makasarskogo ebony, and inside is actually a miniature-hour workshop. Rotating cell for hours equipped with sophisticated control panel that allows you to change the direction of rotation or stop each cell separately. In addition, the casket is equipped with kickstand and drawers with all the necessary tools for emergency adjustments Hours: special screwdrivers for bracelets, magnifying glass, screwdriver for the mechanism. Thus, a set Apotheosis Temporis is the perfect acquisition, not only for connoisseurs and collectors of old, but a boon for those who are just beginning to get acquainted with works of art of watchmaking – after reviewing all models Apotheosis Temporis, you can touch and feel the history itself, waking to see everything at once greatest achievements hour mechanics.

Apotheosis Temporis Collection released limited edition of 8 sets, each of which is individually numbered.
Best – hence the unique

Apotheosis Temporis – not just a collection of the most famous watch complications, but the collection of personal achievement, Blancpain and Piguet. Since the first model Villeret Ultra-plate, which has become the finest in the world of automatic watches with height mechanism only 3 mm, the master of the Swiss company in each model brings their own unique invention.

This became the model Time Zone with an indicator of the day and night, the premiere of 2003 Moon Phase Calendar with a full calendar and moon phases and original automatic winding rotor, hits last year – the model with the equation of time and one-button chronograph, and, of course, the latest achievement Blancpain – Villeret Model with perpetual calendar. Its unique feature in the mechanism of adjustment of testimony, invented and patented by Blancpain. Date, day, month and year in the Perpetual Calendar is not regulated by the buttons or holes in the hull, but special levers, hidden at the back of the housing near the “ears” for the strap. This situation not only protects them from being accidentally pressed, but also makes it easy to operate levers without removing the watch from his hand.

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