Andre Villash-Boash – the new face of FRANCK MULLER – Watches



The youngest coach ever to win the football league in Europe with the Portuguese team Porto, Andre Villash-Boash began in June 2011, the new face of the famous brand watch FRANCK MULLER.

Prone to conflicts of Jose Mourinho and very agile striker Cristiano Ronaldo, until recently, was one of the most famous and sought-after Portuguese stars of world football. But the situation changed when the Portuguese team Porto coach for his professional qualities, rallied around the team and became one of the best coaches in the world in 2011. A few days ago declared the representative FRANCK MULLER-Andre Villash Boash official of the company.

Before returning vrodnuyu Portugal Villash-Boash was assistant Mourinho, Chelsea and Inter Milan. At home, he began his own career coach Porto became the leader of the past football season. His team won the Cup of Portugal, won the national championship, the Super Cup and the European League. Villash-Boash only 33 years old became the youngest coach to win the European Cup.

And if Jose Mourinho declared himself “special”, the Portuguese media have called Villash-Boasha “golden boy” and want to find him as a hero of modern times, not associated with deep political and financial crisis. The dark exterior of Mourinho and his self-confidence bordering on arrogance, in sharp contrast with the blond hair Villash-Boash, who also is a supporter of humility and believes that the focus should be team players.But there is one unique thing, a worthy addition to its boast of – a new line of chronographs FRANCK MULLER, named in his honor and released in limited quantity.

Villash-Boash feels opposite of Mourinho. He avoids all in communication with the press outside the football field and a mandatory press conference. Like Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola Pepe, he does not give interviews.

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